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    It’s Important To Make Your Own Blancpain Villeret Calendar

    BLANCPAIN has a rich and complete moon phase family. This Villeret Quantième Complet perfectly inherits the disk pattern from the brand’s first moon phase watch, which not only shows a consistent elegant style, Add a bit of freshness to the brand’s collection with innovative design ideas.

    The four hands are designed differently, in addition to the willow-shaped hollow design of the hour and minute hands, and the slim second hand to bring out the elegant texture, the serpentine blue date hands bring a lively feel

    Feature one: layer change of the face plate
    The faceplate is made of gray alloy. On the flat and stable faceplate, you can see the week display and the month display below 12 o’clock, and the moon phase display at 6 o’clock below the symmetrical position. The layout is balanced and matched with the central indicator. The scale circle of the date and the Roman numeral time scale show the signature structure of the Blancpain moon phase watch. If you look closely, you can see that the date indicator circle is slightly lower than the other parts of the face plate, forming a slightly sunken interlayer, with the same progressive sunken week and month windows, and polished with a slightly waisted design in the middle The design of the Roman numerals and the double-layered bezel complement each other, showing a clear three-dimensional sense, with rich levels.

    The moon phase display is often seen in the Blancpain moon phase table with a human face pattern. The moon face here looks to the side, revealing a confident charm, interesting and mysterious

    Feature 2: Snake needle “holds” the date
    In addition to the elegant texture of the hour and minute hands with a willow-shaped hollow design, the hands used to indicate the date are shaped like a snake, not only tortuous and meandering, but also ‘curved’ at the top of the hands. With fresh blue and playful agility, it adds a lot of fun to the entire watch, at the same time, it is more discernible and the interpretation is more intuitive. As for the moon phase display used by the Villeret Quantième Complet, naturally the moon face often seen on Blancpain moon phase tables is also used. Contrasting the moon phase expressions in different periods, this style of the moon face turned to one side, revealing the confident charm, which was fun and extraordinarily kind.

    Full calendar and even more complicated functions with moon phase display. If equipped with a quick-adjustment device, it will undoubtedly increase the practical convenience of the wearer. Blancpain focused on this, and developed a concealment hidden behind the lugs considering the visual beauty -Style push button handles make the watch lines more elegant and calm

    Feature three: not fast but easy to use
    The Villeret Quantième Complet is equipped with a 6654 self-winding movement created by Bao platinum. It has two barrels, ensuring a power reserve of 72 hours, and a balance wheel with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. In terms of operation, it uses the well-received hidden adjustment device. Four handles are set on the four lugs on the case back, which can quickly adjust the date, week, month, and moon phase functions, which are designed for brand patents, which is quite practical and convenient. On the other hand, this watch is also equipped with a safety protection system, the wearer can adjust the hour and minute hands at any time, even if the day is changed, there is no need to worry about the burden on the movement.

    Villeret Quantième Complet

    Rose gold material / 6654 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date, week, month display / moon phase display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 40mm

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    Inspired By The Photographer To Discover The Story Of Time-fiyta Photographer Series Watch

    Time is a very mysterious thing, which accompanies us to drift away; in the journey it gives, each of us is a ‘photographer’ in our own lives: from people and things around , Discover and record everything about time. If the discovery of ‘the story of time’ is the whole content of life, then the watch is the most appropriate companion.
     Fiyta’s ‘Photographer’ series watches draw design inspiration from classical cameras, achieving fashion on the wrist and recording the beauty of time.

    See the meaning of life through the lens on your wrist

     The watch named ‘Photographer’ certainly has a style of coexistence of mechanical and artistic sense. The Fiyta Photographer’s series of watches use elements such as cutouts, threads, and watch casebacks to recreate the shape of the camera lens to interpret design inspiration from retro cameras.
     The design of the hollow dial can give insight into the beauty of the movement of the movement, just like the photographer discovers the mysteries of life and time through the lens.
     The designer cleverly puts it at the four o’clock position, which not only helps to adjust the movement, but also makes the watch look unique and full of design. Ingenuity, always in unexpected places: the bottom cover of the watch, exquisitely reproduces the form of ‘camera lens’. Keeping the lens closest to the pulse is like hiding the most precious time story in our hearts.
    The shape of the inner surface of the disc is inspired by the lens picks of old cameras; the inner scale of the disc is inspired by the knob of the camera. Vintage rose gold, strength and beauty are in harmony; at this moment, the scenery on the wrist has a few different feelings.

     The overall design style of the watch is both fashionable and noble. It’s easy to navigate on multiple occasions in your life.

    Moving endlessly, the heart is farther away

     Just as time never stops, Fiyta never stops moving forward. For many years, Fiyta has focused on the “watch and clock” industry, which is old and destined for continuous innovation. Independent research and development of tourbillon movements, aerospace watch movements, new watch materials, creative watch design and craftsmanship … Fiyta, while interpreting classic watch culture, also conveys the ‘progressive’ spirit of advocacy.
     Relying on its superb watchmaking skills and exploration spirit, Fiyta provides Chinese astronauts with ground training and flight mission watches, and the accompanying astronauts have witnessed the feat of space exploration. In recent years, Fiyta has even more Join hands with a motorcycle team from China to compete in the ‘hardest and most dangerous’ Dakar rally on the South American continent. In addition, Fiyta has also provided timing equipment for international sports events such as the Asian Winter Games and the Asian Sailing Championships.

     In 2011, Fiyta entered Hall 1 of the Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland, the International Brands Hall, becoming the only international watch brand from China in this hall.

     Time passed, but the essence settled on the wrist. The beauty of time can only be realized by those who are good at discovering it. What the Fiyta Photographer’s Watch series contains is not just a watch, but how to maintain the same ‘photographer’ attitude in the troubled city. Keep making progress, our heart is farther away, this may be the meaning of our journey forward.

    Configuration instructions:
    Model: GA8338.TWT
    Movement: imported automatic multifunctional mechanical movement
    Case: stainless steel
    Bezel: stainless steel, gold-plated
    Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
    Dial: Hollow
    Bottom cover: perspective, engraved lens form
    Strap: stainless steel, partially gold-plated
    Waterproof: 5ATM