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    Iwc Launches New Pilot Watch

    IWC Schaffhausen took off with great shock, and grandly kicked off in 2012: the year of pilot watches. TOP GUN has added five new models to the Navy Air Combat Force series, making it a stand in the IWC Pilot’s Watch collection. This year’s highlight is the TOP GUN Miramar watch, a timepiece that pays tribute to California, the birthplace of elite pilots. And two pilot watches equipped with different advanced watchmaking technology-large pilot series TOP GUN navy air force perpetual calendar watch and Spitfire perpetual calendar digital date-month watch, are also ready to fly into the sky.
       Joachis, President of IWC Schaffhausen, said: ‘The new Pilot Collection TOP GUN Navy Air Force watch inherits our fine tradition of creating unique precision watches. In the 1940s, pilot watches manufactured by Schaffhausen, Also known as ‘B watch’, it is widely used in the field of flight navigation. At that time, only the watch with the highest accuracy could meet the requirements of the navigator. The pilot’s and his team’s watches were all related to the navigator’s timepiece. Synchronize’. Reading the minutes and seconds clearly and accurately is the most important part of navigation, so most of the watch’s outer ring is only equipped with these two indicators; the clock display is also relatively small and placed on the central circle. IWC designers took this inspiration and set the hour and minute circles on the dial in the large pilot series TOP GUN Navy Air Force Miramar watch and the pilot series TOP GUN Navy Air Force Miramar chronograph watch.
       Christian W. IWC Creative Director Christian Knoop added: ‘In the process of tracing the history of pilot watches, we thought of designing Miramar to create the first watch series with a distinctive military style. This allowed us to freely combine military elements with other innovative ideas, Even combining precious materials. This is also unique to the new IWC Miramar series: high-end watches equipped with superb mechanical devices, full of rough, masculine style. ‘ The deep metallic luster of the gray ceramic case and matte charcoal gray dial is reminiscent of sophisticated aviation instruments. Beige hands and minute circles, as well as camouflage elements such as green straps, highlight their military style. The fabric strap is made of tough webbing for military use. The watch also uses two high-tech materials commonly found in the TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Forces series-zirconia on the case, and titanium on the control buttons and case back-and IWC has pioneered watchmaking since the 1980s The world uses these materials. Like the entire TOP GUN navy air combat series, both Miramar models are equipped with IWC-manufactured movements.
       Top Gun Miramar Chronograph chronograph stopwatch, ceramic case, 48 mm diameter, hour, minute, second, date, chronograph stopwatch, 89365 automatic winding movement, power reserve 168 hours, fabric strap.

       The TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Miramar watch is also the same as other large pilot watches. It is equipped with the largest automatic movement manufactured by IWC and provides a power reserve of 168 hours. This is also a watch with a diameter of 48 mm. The reason for the case. The Pilot Series TOP GUN Navy Air Force Miramar Chronograph 89365 movement is one of the brand’s most advanced and robust chronograph movements. It features fly-back capability and hands to stop the minutes and seconds. With regard to the positioning of this watch series in the international watch market, Karoline Huber, the director of marketing and marketing at IWC, said: ‘Flight enthusiasts around the world see California’s Miramar base. It is the birthplace of the Top Gun navy air force elite, showing its invincible style. We sincerely present the new TOP GUN navy air force Miramar watch series to watch fans, so that they admire the long history of IWC pilot watches At the same time, enjoy the advanced technology of the 21st century and the extraordinary quality unique to IWC. ‘

       Since 2007, the TOP GUN Navy Air Force watch has become a classic model in the IWC pilot series. Its name is derived from the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School, a special course called the ‘Attack Fighter Tactical Teaching Program’, which is also known as the Top Gun course. The school relocated to Fallon / Nevada, Nevada in 1996. Anyone who can complete the training course can be called an elite and form the most elite pilot force in the world. Top technology, as well as the spirit of perfection at any time, are the same values ​​of Schaffhausen IWC and Top Gun. The fully equipped large pilot series TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Perpetual Calendar watch is equipped with different advanced features, including four-digit year display perpetual calendar, moon phase display and seven-day power reserve display. The TOP GUN Naval Air Combat Watch, a large pilot series, combines the well-defined instrument design of the 1940s with modern watchmaking technology. Its aircraft-shaped red seconds hand contrasts with the black and white dial. The pilot’s TOP GUN naval air force chronograph watch is equipped with flyback performance and anti-magnetic protection devices, and is equipped with IWC’s homemade movement.

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    Oris Collaborates With Muca Urban Art Festival To Showcase Oris Art Cubes In Munich

    Oris is proud to announce that it has become a new partner with the MUCA Urban Art Festival. Urban Art Festival becomes a new partner. Local Opening Ceremony on July 27 in Munich Local Opening Ceremony on Munich Local Day has a series of performances, a series of performances, a series of performances. The Oris art cube also opened that night, and the cube was also opened that night. Berlin tape artist Berlin tape artist Klebebande used time and space as the theme and space as the theme to interpret the art in life and the artistic interpretation in life. Art in life.

    Artist Klebebande makes Oris art cubes at the MUCA Urban Art Festival.
       This new collaboration is part of the Oris hashtag #CRAFTINGCULTURE event. Through interaction with Oris enthusiasts, indirect cooperation allows fans to communicate the values, unique craftsmanship and quality that Oris has adhered to since 1904.
       Berlin-based artist Klebebande uses tape to create graphic installations to explore the impact of matter on our lives. Although this form of art is still new, in the past two years, Klebebande has produced more than 40 installations, covering architectural appearance, interiors and event spaces. They have also worked with brands such as Audi and Adidas.
       Oris Art Cube is the result of a combination of urban street art and watchmaking. Visitors will experience the traditional and more challenging side of the brand. The focus of the cube is on the details. Its structural proportion comes from the Pantheon in Rome, and there is a hole directly to the top.

    Klebeband uses space and time as themes. The surrounding grid is like a wormhole, drawing visitors into the cube.
       The Museum of Contemporary Urban Art (MUCA) is the first urban art museum in Germany. It aims to integrate street art into art history and build a bridge between the international art community, artists and the public.
       The festival and the Oris Art Cube will be open to the public until August 28. Activities included live music, poetry competitions, dance performances, live paintings and Germany’s largest calligraphy exhibition. Oris will invite members of MyOris to visit this collaborative art cube.
       Oris President Ulrich W. Herzog said, ‘This new partnership demonstrates Oris’ vision and outstanding creativity. We are very happy to see groundbreaking ideas from this festival and provide a platform for urban art, which means that the art scene will gradually grow. Strong and internationally influential. The Oris Art Cube will expand people’s perception of Oris, and I believe it is an unforgettable experience, and I have been eager to see Klebebande’s work. ‘

    During the opening ceremony of the MUCA Urban Art Festival on July 27, 2017, many visitors did not want to miss the Oris Art Cube.
       Christian Utz, founder of MUCA, said, ‘We firmly believe that art has the potential to change the world. Oris and we have seen the same values ​​and ambitions. We are happy to work together this time and look forward to Oris Art Cube sparking new sparks at the festival and visitors. ”

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    Diane Kruger Wears Jaeger-lecoultre Antique Watch

    In May 2012, Diane Kruger wore Jaeger-LeCoultre antique watches and appeared elegantly at the Met Costume Institute Gala. This Jaeger-LeCoultre antique jewelry watch, born in 1900, is set with diamonds and rubies.
        Since the sixteenth century, Jaeger-LeCoultre has continued to innovate and multiply its charm in the field of ladies’ watches: from low-key to dazzling, from mysterious to publicity, it has been trying to find the best balance between aesthetic design, refined appearance and functional display. Jaeger-LeCoultre carried forward the traditional ideas and made watches with top covers, flip and swivel watches, ring watches, and necklace watches. From pure Art Deco style to lifelike flower patterns, it is all amazing. The unique combination of unique watchmaking techniques and fine jewelry techniques makes these timepieces full of temptation and elegance. Such ingenious works can only come from the hands of Jaeger-LeCoultre.

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    Tag Heuer Lincoln Series Limited Edition Men’s And Women’s Watch

    The moral of Link is to connect, connect emotions, connect you and me. Since its birth in 1987, this series is famous for its avant-garde design and pursuit of comfort. It is a perfect combination of elegance and luxury.

    Swiss watchmaker pioneer TAG Heuer launches the Link (Lincoln) series of limited edition men’s and women’s watches this year. The men’s Leonardo DiCaprio limited edition inherits the avant-garde design of the classic Link Lincoln men’s watch series. Atmospheric; female Cameron. The Diaz limited edition set follows the elegant temperament of the Link Lady series, which is unique and charming. On this special day, choose a timepiece full of affection for your favorite partner. While thanking your lover for your continuous efforts and companionship, it means that you will go hand in hand with each other and live through each and every subsequent night.

    Link Lady Trilogy Cameron Diaz Limited Edition Set

    LadyLink Lady has the true self charm that every elegant woman seeks. Under the bright light, it is more like a jewelry. For the wearer, Link Lady can not only display the time, but also bring joy. It’s the perfect accessory to light up a dark suit, and it’s the perfect gift for your ideal partner.

    Link Lady Trilogy Cameron Diaz Limited Edition Set
    The Link Lady Trilogy is a limited edition set of watches, including by Cameron. Diaz personally designs the rings and bracelets designed by Cameron. A fully automatic watch by Diaz. The black mother-of-pearl dial and diamond-set bezel blend perfectly, and the watch’s signature S-shaped bracelet highlights the noble temperament of modern women. It is not just a watch, it is also a piece of jewelry. The exquisite design and unparalleled temperament have been vividly demonstrated. In addition to watches, there are more matching options for the same bracelet and ring. When you wear it on your wrist, if the ‘wrist’ is empty, it is feminine and feminine. With the same accessories, it is more dazzling.

    LinkCalibre 16 chronograph Leonardo DiCaprio limited edition

    Leonardo DiCaprio Limited Edition

    On the special occasion of Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day, let a pair of TAG Heuer Link series watches for men and women closely connect with your love of your life and work together in the years to come.

    Link (Lincoln) Calibre 16 Chronograph (43mm)-Leonardo DiCaprio Limited Edition
    Link (Lincoln) series has been synonymous with elegant gentlemen, since its birth has swept the world for more than two decades. Its unique ergonomic design is not only beautiful, but also elegant and comfortable for the wearer.
    Designed by TAG Heuer global brand ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio, this Link Calibre 16 chronograph dial design is inspired by blue earth, with a polished pillow-shaped fixed bezel with The gray-black speedometer scale and curved anti-scratch sapphire crystal table surface are double-sided anti-reflection treatment, which is convenient for reading the time. It is worth mentioning that the smoky sapphire case of this watch is engraved with Leonardo’s autograph and is engraved with the logo of (NRDC) or the International Green Cross. Protection Commission and International Green Cross.

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    Exploring The Story Behind The Timepieces Omega Planet Theme Show Opens Grandly

    On December 18, 2015, the OMEGA Planet Exhibition was officially unveiled at Beijing Oriental Plaza, adding a strong romance and mystery to the coming Christmas. Mr. Yang Yan, Vice President of Omega China, and Mr. Jiang Lingfeng, General Manager of Beijing Oriental Plaza Co., Ltd. witnessed this wonderful moment together. This exhibition reveals the story behind the Omega Timepiece, and displays a variety of models An iconic watch.

    Opening speech by Mr. Yang Yan, Vice President of Omega China
     Mr. Yang Yan, Vice President of Omega China, made a wonderful opening speech and said: For Omega, this is a very special exhibition. It is a collection of brand spirit, showing the brand’s broad and far-reaching impact, and also for Everyone brings holiday wishes.

    Speech by Mr. Jiang Lingfeng, General Manager of Beijing Oriental Plaza Co., Ltd.
     The Omega Planet theme exhibition is located in the atrium of the third district of LG1, Oriental Plaza in Beijing, covering an area of ​​about 150 square meters. In this mysterious and romantic space, visitors can experience the brand’s rich historical heritage and contemporary development concepts.

    Opening ceremony

     The theme of this exhibition will be reflected on large-scale installations by means of projection. The rich topics include Omega’s innovative technology, sportsmanship, ocean exploration, her time, flying to space, James Bond (007), and social responsibility. Each thematic exhibition area focuses on Omega’s famous timepieces and the stories behind the works.

    Summary: The Omega Planet Exhibition will start on December 18th and will be open to the public in Beijing Oriental Plaza until January 3, 2016. If you want to know the history and story behind the brand, you may wish to go to the exhibition when you are free. Surprise is waiting for you!
    Omega Planet Theme Exhibition:
    Exhibition time: December 18, 2015-January 3, 2016 (10:00 am to 22:00 pm)
    Venue: Atrium, District 3, LG1, Beijing Oriental Plaza (No. 1 Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing)

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    Maurice Lacroix’s New Advertising Campaign: At This Moment, Achieve Eternity

    Le Méridien starts a new round of wonderful advertising campaigns, and touches the pulse of fashion life between your fingers. With the theme of ‘Your Time is Now’, this event focuses on those dynamic and pioneering men and women who look forward to investing in luxury goods to prove their personalities and show their increasing exposure. Status and successful life attitude. With the launch of a new advertising campaign, Le Méridien has always maintained its expectations of the brand’s increasing success and confidence in consumers.

       ‘Your Time Is Now’ will carry out activities worldwide, and will formulate specific market brand slogans based on local customer profiles, culture and consumer psychology, emphasizing and expressing the main demands. The event stems from the brand’s insights into consumer self-reward, success recognition, and pride. Le Méridien invites you to feel the opportunity to pamper yourself, to explore unknown areas and to enjoy a luxurious life.

       Marc Gläser, Executive Managing Director of Le Méridien, said: ‘This campaign is impeccable! This is the essence of Le Méridien. The creative ideas are novel, resonating and inspiring, and the message is extremely clear and direct. I believe it will be very Effectively conveying information to our consumers, at the same time, it helps to interpret a brand image that is extremely stylish and enjoys extraordinary joy. ‘

       This advertising campaign consists of three pictures, which promote men’s and women’s watches, respectively, and said that he and her are a wonderful combination. The first picture shows a woman who is as unique as her watch and is preparing for an important date. Her time begins here. The second picture depicts a couple, preparing to board a seaplane. At this moment they are enjoying a time of joy, excitement and intimacy. Their time is thus opened. The third eye-catching picture currently being shot, performed by a male, will be officially released in January.

       Through this advertising campaign, Le Méridien has delivered outstanding craftsmanship, extraordinary creativity and unique self-confidence that unites the brand and product style.

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    Longines Movement Introduction Of Automatic Mechanical Movement L633

    The movement is the core component of the watch. The quality of the movement directly affects the performance of the watch. Next, I will briefly introduce Longines automatic mechanical movement L633 for everyone

    Longines automatic mechanical movement L633
    L633 movement technical information:
     Balance frequency: 28800 times / hour
     Movement diameter: 11 1/2 legal points-25.60 mm
     Movement thickness: 4.60 mm
     Winding method: automatic
     Power reserve: 38 hours
     Movement substrate: ETA 2824/2
     Gem axis eyes: 25
    Longines automatic mechanical movement L633
     A suitable design with a sturdy watch movement, if it can be carefully stored and regularly maintained, the watch can run smoothly for centuries.

     The Longines Concas L3.642.4.56.6 men’s mechanical watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement L633, which vibrates 28,800 times per hour and provides a 38-hour power reserve.
     More information about Longines watches in the watch home.

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    Jaeger-lecoultre Shines Brightly At The 2014 Abu Dhabi Film Festival?

    From October 23rd to November 1st, 2014, the largest and most influential international film festival in the Middle East opened in Abu Dhabi. Jaeger-LeCoultre as the main cooperation of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival Partners, will be involved.

       To celebrate four consecutive years as a partner of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Jaeger-LeCoultre deliberately invited Carmen Chaplin to join the event. Carmen Chaplin is both a Jaeger-LeCoultre partner and an honorary guest of honor at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. She was the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, who came from an artistic family, and eventually followed in the footsteps of her grandfather, becoming an outstanding actor, director and screenwriter.

    Carmen Chaplin wears Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso ultra-thin women’s rose gold flip watch

       At this film industry event, Jaeger-LeCoultre presented the brand’s Hybridis Artistica watch. The Hybris Artistica collection contains a total of 12 exclusive precious timepieces, highlighting the brand’s continuous pursuit of innovation with a history of 181 years of fine watchmaking. This series of watches uses the oldest decorative techniques, such as enamel painting, hand-carving and gem setting, which perfectly blend the styling design, technical concept, watch art and delicate craftsmanship, and the striking and balanced beauty shows the outstanding craftsmanship of the watch factory. With unique style.

    Carmen Chaplin wears Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series Ivy Minute Repeater

       Jaeger-LeCoultre also exhibited the eleventh masterpiece of the Hybrids Mechanica series, the Master Touring Tourbillon Master Ultra Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon and the first women’s watch with the minute repeater function ——Dating Series Ivy Minute Repeater (Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater). The white gold dial of the date series Ivy Minute Repeater watch is decorated with sun radiating guilloche pattern and ivy pattern. The time tone music is harmonious and pleasant, touching. Compared with other models, its melody is more intimate, mellow and sweet, full of rich Feminine temperament.

       As a loyal sponsor and partner of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Jaeger-LeCoultre will also tailor a Reverso series watch for the best actor and actress in the narrative film. The bespoke watch will be exquisitely hand-carved in lacquered wood and carved with the words ‘Narrative Competition Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2014’ (2014 Abu Dhabi Film Festival’s Best Narrative Film).

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    Fiyta Joins Hands With Gao Yuanyuan To Perform Classic New York Style

    People often ask, ‘Where has time gone?’ No one can answer, so they say that it flows to eternity. Time cannot stop, but images can freeze it, so we can relive those beautiful old dreams. In September 2014, Gao Yuanyuan turned into a time traveler, and with Fiyta, he recalled the moments of classic New York streets. The hands flowed from one second to the next. The images of the time in front of the scene, synchronized with the seconds hand on the wrist, took us once. A beautiful time journey.

    Time travel recreates the classic moments

    Gao Yuanyuan attended the 2015 Spring and Summer Fashion Week and joined hands with Fiyta to shoot blockbusters on the streets of New York to relive classic New York movie clips.

    Facing the New York Radio Concert Hall, Gao Yuanyuan talked about the confident and exquisite Monroe ‘Seven Years Itch’ in the 1950s; took a short break on Fifth Avenue, traced back to the extreme elegance of Tiffany Morning in Hepburn in the 1960s; waiting on the Empire State Building, faith ‘Sleepless Night in Seattle’ sweet time; lead us to relive the romantic and beautiful dream ‘Vanilla Sky’ in the center of Times Square; pass the Manhattan Bridge and look forward to the encounter of ‘Lifetime’.

    Mirror grabbing watch enhances temperament

    Fiyta Heartstring Series Charity Special LA8612.MWMH

    Gao Yuanyuan recalled the image of Hepburn in ‘Tiffany’s Breakfast’ elegantly to the extreme with the iconic Polka origin of the 1960s. The meaning of the watch worn by the Fiyta Heart Strings series complements each other: time goes by, but it is more exciting. A staffed staff of Phoenix Light Feathers, describing Chopin’s Nocturne, embellished on the unique white mother-of-pearl dial, let us indulge in the love of that era.

    Model: LA8612.MWMH
    Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
    Case: Stainless steel
    Bezel: stainless steel, IP-plated rose gold, zircon inlay
    Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
    Dial: white, mother-of-pearl, calendar display
    Strap: stainless steel, rose gold-plated IP, zircon inlay
    Waterproof: 5ATM
    Limited: 999 pieces

    Fiyta Photographer Series LA8366.MLLS

    Gao Yuanyuan’s white shirt, paired with blue and white high-waist retro bee waist long dress, elegantly faces the New York Radio Concert Hall, perfectly interpreting the unique temperament of Monroe in the modern version of ‘Seven Years Itch’: confident and delicate. The Fiyta Photographer’s Blue Mechanical Watch on the wrist is the finishing touch, and it is full of charm. The ‘lens’ is engraved, and the frame is classic. On the rose gold bezel, zircon and blue gemstones are alternately inlaid with a deep blue mother-of-pearl dial, which is mysterious and profound. Carefully hollowed out on the surface of the natural shell, the movement is clearly visible and full of agitation and beauty.

    Model: LA8366.MLLS
    Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
    Case: Stainless steel
    Bezel: stainless steel, IP-plated rose gold, blue gemstone inlaid with zircon
    Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
    Dial: dark blue mother-of-pearl, skeleton, zircon inlay
    Bottom cover: perspective, engraved lens form
    Strap: Blue leather
    Waterproof: 5ATM

    Fiyta Clover Series LA8262.GWSS

    ‘Love comes from the right person and the right time.’ The Empire State Building is a place where countless couples are famous because of ‘time’. Gao Yuanyuan will pay attention to the color of the Fiyta Clover series. Sleepless in Seattle. Belief in Love. In order to highlight the watch, the whole body is made of simple black and white as a whole. The famous pattern sweater and leopard short skirt are matched, which is very interesting and harmonious. A plain color, but wearing a bright red watch on his wrist. Clover has a different meaning for the girl who longs for love, and it is also a faith. This four-leaf clover watch has 24 natural rubies. Ruby symbolizes the supreme love, which means firmness and beauty. 24 rubies represent 24 hours of meticulous guardianship.

    Model: LA8262.GWSS
    Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
    Case: stainless steel, rose gold plating
    Bezel: Stainless steel, rose gold-plated, natural stones inlaid with zircon
    Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
    Dial: Mother-of-pearl, skeleton
    Strap: Red leather
    Waterproof: 5ATM

    Fiyta Photographer Series LA8368.MWM

    Gao Yuanyuan stood in Times Square and recalled the beautiful pictures in the film ‘Sky of Vanilla’. It was beautiful enough to make people static. Every minute can change a person’s life. The Fiyta photographer’s watch brings dreams into reality. The photographer’s watch series continues its usual style. The design style is simple and elegant. Through the hollow dial, you can see the rhythm of time. Teacher, ‘Always discover, the beauty of life’.

    Model: LA8306.MWRD
    Movement: automatic mechanical movement
    Case: Stainless steel
    Bezel: stainless steel, IP-plated rose gold, gem-set
    Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
    Dial: white, calendar display
    Strap: Cowhide
    Waterproof: 5ATM

    Fiyta Classic Series LA8306.MWRD

    At the Manhattan Bridge in New York, Gao Yuanyuan led us to experience the classic scenes in the movie ‘Life and Life’ again. Dressed in a vintage round neck dress with Fiyta classic series, calm and classic, thoughts emerged, as if in the encounter scene of ‘Lifetime’. If you have loved, even if you have a lifetime. The Fiyta classic series watch on the wrist does not follow the flow, highlighting the temperament in simplicity, and drawing profoundly in complexity. This watch has a bright outer ring and a rustic inner ring. It extracts the essence of art from Roman language and inspires calm and mediocre design inspiration. The rose gold-plated bezel expresses elegance and calmness perfectly, set with sparkling gems, and the beauty of restrained luxury is outstanding.

    Fiyta records wonderful moments

    Watches, recording the flow of time; photography, freezing moments of solidification. Gao Yuanyuan said during the filming: ‘The soul of the watch lies not in its gorgeous outline, but in the pursuit of dreams.’ This coincides with the spirit of the Fiyta brand. Just record time, but also record the moment of everyone’s happy life, and make progress for the dream. Whether it’s going forward elegantly or actively exploring. Fiyta will, as always, be determined to integrate fashion elements and spiritual content into the production of each watch, and record the wonderful moments of each person.

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    Jacques Lemans Jacques Showcases Its New Milano Collection

    In 2012, Austrian watchmaker Jacques Lemans Jacques once again attracted wide attention with its new star collection with strong star appeal-Milano.

    Milano is the new star of Jacques Lemans and the collection is being presented in a truly unique way. Eye-catching details, flawless manufacturing processes, high-end materials, dynamic-glamour-luxury, these key factors highlight Jacques Lemans’ latest success.
    ‘The Milano series is the main model of our Jacques Lemans Jacques sports watch series, a perfect combination of lifestyle and sporty classic elements,’ said Jacques Lemans CEO and owner Alfred Riedl. ‘With the launch of the Milano range, we can offer a wider choice of watches, chronographs, multi-function alarm chronographs or classic three-hand models. Amazing details such as the colored push-buttons and watches The harmonious colors, or elegant, ultra-thin straps, directly turn the watch into a special accessory for ladies and gentlemen. ‘
    All models in this series are equipped with a solid stainless steel case, hardened Crystex Crystal, 100% watch water resistance up to 10 ATM, high-grade silicon strap with special UV protection and anti-allergy functions. The leather strap is crafted from Italian fine leather.
    The Milano collection also includes glamorous watches for women and Jacques Lemans La Passion.
    Original source: Jacques Lemans